The Distinct Touch of Thermography

Thermography, or raised printing, is an attractive alternative that provides image-enhancing impact at an economical price.  This process was developed to simulate the look of engraving.  Richer than standard printing, yet lacking the distinctive crispness of engraving, thermography allows your firm to project a level of sophistication that matches your budget.

With thermography, your piece is printed on an offset press using a slow drying ink.  While the ink is still wet, it is lightly dusted with resin powder, vacuumed and then exposed to high heat (1200 degrees Fahrenheit) which melts and fuses the powder with the ink to produce a raised surface.

ASL combines a state-of-the-art thermographic process with the skill and finesse to produce the finest quality, laser-safe raised printing results for your firm’s communications.

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