Offset Printing Tips

With offset printing, your paper selection options are virtually unlimited, giving you the creative freedom to choose from any stock available.

You can choose your preferred ink color(s) using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) on uncoated and coated paper for accurate color matching.  Offset printing inks are transparent and opaque which can affect the appearance of your final piece, particularly with colored stock.  ASL representatives are adept at guiding you through these intricacies to produce a piece that meets your firm’s exact standards.

Popular or unique, we have thousands of typestyles to choose from.  See for a small selection.  With offset printing there are no particular typestyle guidelines or restrictions and your font is printed at a resolution of 1200 dpi for a high-quality effect.

Offset printing reproduces images and graphics with accuracy to give your stationery and other materials a look of clear professionalism.

ASL can help you from design to implementation.  We use direct-to-plate technology to create enhanced quality, be more environmentally friendly and lower production costs and lead times.

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