Making it easier to order your holiday cards

You already know that your annual holiday card is an important part of your ongoing communication with current and prospective clients, as well as with colleagues and vendors.  But the time and effort required to select, purchase, sign, and send holiday cards can be daunting, especially at mid-size and larger firms.

ASL can ease your burden by providing you with several streamlined options for purchasing cards and coordinating their mailing.

Microsite Functionality

Microsite technology takes the hard work out of holiday card purchasing. Microsites make it much easier to coordinate card purchases across multiple departments or attorneys by allowing each individual to order the number of cards they need with the correct imprint information.

Microsites also allow users to view and purchase only “firm approved” holiday cards.

Three Kinds of Microsites

Standard microsites, which restrict card choices to standard selections only.

These sites allow your firm to show and order any number of stock cards.  Each individual user can log on – using one universal user name and password – choose the card they want to send along with the greeting typestyle, and process they would like to apply to produce the card. This order is then placed on your account and is sent directly to the individual who purchased the card.

This is type of microsite is ideal when your firm wants to send only 1 or 2 card designs, but each attorney or sender would like to have their own greeting and personal verse on the inside.

Custom microsites, which include all the standard functionality, PLUS allow credits card purchasing and restriction of greeting and imprint options.

These sites allow your firm to keep control of your brand standards while allowing each individual attorney/sender to order to exact number of cards they need. You choose and approve the firm imprint, but the individual attorney/sender can choose the quantity.

Have you decided not to offer traditional printed card this year? You can still offer this option to the attorneys in your firm, keep your brand standard, but have the attorneys place their individual orders on their personal credit cards, outside the firm’s budget. 

Programmable microsites, which include additional customizations. Should your firm need any additional requirements not available in the types of sites described above, you should request those as early in the year as possible, as the site will require programming time.

Next Step
If you’ve ordered holiday cards from us in the past – Thank You!  We appreciate your business and are ready to get started working with you on your 2010 holiday card. 

Don’t forget…Order by Tuesday, August 31 and get FREE imprinted envelopes. 

If you have decided not to send holiday cards this year, to purchase them from another source, or to put off making the decision, we urge you to reconsider.  Holiday cards are an opportunity to improve client retention and loyalty to your firm.  Now is the time to start planning what kind of card you will send, who you are going to send it to, and how you are going to coordinate the process.

Whether your firm is small or large, ASL has the right card for you.  Choose from a large selection of stock cards and a full custom design, production, and fulfillment service to satisfy all your holiday needs. With ASL you have the most options for customizing your card to your firm’s preferences…for FREE!  Don’t forget to order early for the best discount offers.

Call your ASL account manager today at 800.222.0510 or visit to find out more about how our selection and ordering process can help your firm.

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