Rees Broome, PC Office Relocation & Vizibility QR Code Integration

Earlier this year, Rees Broome, a 37 attorney firm in Virginia and Maryland, relocated its headquarters to a new location in Tysons Corner, Virginia. In preparation for the move, ALL-STATE LEGAL worked with the firm to reprint all of its stationery and other printed materials, and to replace any address-specific office products (e.g., stamps, specialty files).

The decision to relocate was driven, to some degree, by the construction of a new  commuter train station in close proximity to the new office location. With the construction expected to take a year to complete, Rees Broome had about a full year’s lead time to plan the move.

Ed Lyons, Rees Broome’s ASL Field Sales Representative, worked with the firm’s relocation team to sketch out a preliminary plan for replacing all of the firm’s stationery (e.g., business cards, letterhead, envelopes) as well as any other address-specific filing and office  products. Among other recommendations, Ed suggested that the project to reprint the firm’s stationery begin at least 3 to 4 months in advance of the move to ensure the
smoothest possible transition. The firm agreed to the proposed timeline and Ed immediately engaged ASL’s graphics project management team to lead the project.

As the specifications for the revised stationery were being finalized, Ed introduced the concept of QR codes to the firm and explained that the optimal time to add them to business cards would be during the relocation project, when all of the firm employees’ business cards were being reprinted. Rees Broome embraced the concept. Adding QR codes meant that the firm would have to alter the layout of its business cards to make
room for the code. To assist the firm in making this decision, ASL provided more than a dozen different options for the new design.

Though all of the materials were produced on schedule, stored in our warehouse and ready for delivery in July for the late August move, Ed wanted to give the firm peace of mind that
the reprint phase of the relocation project would go smoothly. He worked with the ASL project team to put together a “care package” that included all of the business cards, a few reams of letterhead, a box of envelopes, and a box of labels, which we shipped to the firm’s prior address so they would have it on hand and wouldn’t be concerned about taking delivery of the new items in the midst of the actual move.

After the move was completed, Rees Broome challenged ASL to create a cost efficient yet impactful announcement that could be sent to clients. After reviewing a selection of several different concepts, the firm chose to print a move announcement designed to fit in a standard envelope so it could be mailed with billing invoices.

With one year to plan and four months to execute, Rees Broome relied on ASL’s client service and project management expertise to help design and produce all of the firm’s new items, assist with all of the logistics involved with producing the items, and ultimately store and deliver all the materials when it was most convenient. Rees Broome remains a satisfied ASL client, continually relying on us as a resource for their unique product needs, including stationery and other printed items, as well as legal specialty filing solutions.

“We had about a year’s lead time on our move, and Ed recommended that we start the project about 4 months in advance. Ed was hands-on right from the start, and it was the smoothest process possible all the way through. We needed everything associated with our office to be updated – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stamps – and ALL-STATE LEGAL produced and delivered every item.

ALL-STATE LEGAL sent us a single box of every new item in advance of the move so that we could hit the ground running at our new location, and then once we were in the new space, everything else showed up perfectly, as planned.

If anyone else in my position at a law firm was planning anoffice move, and needed to replace all of its stationery andother address-specific office products, I would recommend ALL-STATE LEGAL 100%.”Joseph Jay, Facilities Manager

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Winstead Relies on ASL

Over the past five years, ASL has worked with Winstead PC on several major projects that demonstrate precisely how ASL can be an essential full-service partner to the largest and most sophisticated law firms in the U.S. legal market. 

the why: Winstead has turned to ASL repeatedly because we have consistently delivered the highest level of day-to-day client service and project management that the firm demands to perform at peak efficiency. 

The Firm Rebrand: In 2007, the firm embarked on a complete rebranding project, including a new logo design and color scheme. The original design specifications of the new materials called for flat printing of the solid yellow box logo. When Russ Neeley, the ASL Account Manager, met with the firm’s marketing team and designers, the team explained they were having trouble getting the exact color they wanted and getting it to appear consistently on all the printed items.

Taking all of this into account, Russ provided an educational overview on color, paper and process along with press proofs and a detailed cost analysis for each option. Winstead appreciated the guidance and ultimately chose ASL as their engraver/printer. The finished products featured the added texture and dimension of engraving that could not have been achieved using flat printing, and the yellow color in the logo was rich and consistent on all of the printed pieces.

Office Openings & Relocations:  Since the rebrand, Winstead has relocated offices and opened others. In each instance, the firm relied on ASL to produce stationery for the offices and outfit them with all the necessary printed items and legal specialty filing items. Each time, we delivered the products on time and to the firm’s complete satisfaction.

Customized Billing & Collection Envelopes:  Recently, Winstead needed a specific type of envelope for mailing invoices and billing statements. The envelope had an inside tint and a unique window size and position. The firm was extremely concerned about preserving the confidentiality of the contents and took great pains to ensure the design made it virtually impossible for anyone to see under the envelope’s window.

After extensive research and testing, we were able to custom manufacture the exact envelope the firm required, imprinted with the firm’s logo and name. The firm continues to reorder the envelope from ASL today.

The Firm Holiday Card:  Late in the 2011 holiday planning season, Winstead selected a holiday card that was not in our standard line. Russ worked to find a source for the card, arranged the large volume order, and managed the entire project so the firm was able to get its cards imprinted and out to clients and business partners in time for the Holiday season.

Personalized Legal Pads:  Following its rebrand, the firm wanted to add its new logo to its legal pads. Imprinting the firm’s 2-color logo using a traditional process was not feasible. Rather than steer the firm toward a single color imprint, Russ presented an alternative solution to achieve the firm’s desired look. The firm immediately chose the alternative and ASL produced personalized legal pads.

Legal Specialty File Folders:  ASL currently provides Winstead with all of its expandable file folders, imprinted with the firm’s logo and name, as well as several unique, custom folders for specific practice areas.

in their words

“What we really value is that Russ understands the law firm culture. Projects happen at a very fast pace, and Russ is always flexible, understanding and completely supportive. He jumps in, even at the last minute. Russ keeps us informed about the latest products that might be a good fit for our firm. He’s not just trying to push the sale – he understands our business needs and finds ways to add value to the firm. His role is much more as an advisor than an account representative. We really feel like Russ is part of our team and not just a vendor.”  Rachel Guy, Marketing Communications Manager

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The Sterne Kessler Vizibility QR Code Integration

In 2010, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox initiated a multi-phased project to refresh the look of its printed materials.  The initial phase of the project involved redesigning and reproducing the firm’s engraved letterhead.  The second phase was focused largely on redesigning the firm’s business cards.

The firm initially wanted to print personalized QR codes on the back of each business card that would link to a v-card (one dimensional contact information).  After being introduced to Vizibility, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox opted to incorporate the more robust QR code solution – the Vizibility Mobile Business Card solution.

the why: The firm’s objective was freshening its image to keep pace with its sophisticated high tech intellectual property practice.  Adding QR codes with links to the Vizibility Mobile Business Card technology was a natural fit.  QR codes represent cutting edge technology which serves to bolster the firm’s image among the most technologically advanced and sophisticated firms in the legal marketplace.

the how: Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox and their ALL-STATE LEGAL Sales Representative, Grant Tschudy, worked together to produce and roll out an entirely new stationery suite.  When it came time to work on the second phase, the firm’s business cards, Grant and Tammy discussed that while her committee was divided about the concept of using QR codes on business cards, several partners independently approached the marketing team and inquired about QR codes after seeing them on other business cards and marketing materials.  This prompted additional research and discussion.

When the Vizibility Mobile Business Card technology was introduced, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox’s marketing team immediately recognized the value of the Vizibility Code and the fit with their image and culture.    Their only concern was whether or not the work necessary to create the Vizibility mobile business card was in any way redundant to their ongoing efforts to build a mobile-ready website.  We were able to show the firm that the mobile business card solution was not in conflict with, but rather complemented, its efforts to build a mobile website.

the outcome:  Within a few days, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox elected to purchase the Vizibility solution, and to add a Vizibility QR code to the back of its redesigned business cards.  ALL-STATE LEGAL seamlessly coordinated the exchange of information necessary to produce both the Vizibility mobile business card and the engraved and printed business cards.

We did this by creating a single spreadsheet designed to capture all necessary employee data in one concentrated effort.   We then integrated all of this  nformation into both the Vizibility platform and our online ordering platform so that the firm would have the ability to view complete business card templates, with Vizibility QR codes, and begin placing reorders online almost immediately following the rollout of the new printed business cards.

Ultimately, ALL-STATE LEGAL successfully completed the project – data collection, QR code production, seamless integration with Vizibility to create the mobile business cards, production of the engraved and printed business cards, construction of the online ordering platform, and delivery to the off-site meeting and the firm’s office location – within budget, on time, and to the firm’s complete satisfaction.

in their words:

“I couldn’t see a downside to adopting QR codes, especially for a firm like ours.  As an intellectual property firm, we understand and embrace technology and we want to be seen as tech forward.  Vizibility provides us with a perfect opportunity to do just that at a reasonable cost.

The most challenging and time-consuming part of the project was coming to an agreement within the firm about how the business cards should look.  Once we decided on a design, the implementation of the QR codes and the printing of the business cards was the easy part.  Everything went smoothly.  ALL-STATE LEGAL did the heavy lifting by importing all of the information that was needed to print the business cards and create the Vizibility mobile business cards, which allowed me to focus on the ‘surprise’ rollout to our partnership.

You have to find people you can trust because you can’t be in control of every detail yourself.  Grant understands what’s going on at our firm, and he knows what we need.  I invited him to join me at the rollout of the new business cards to the partnership because I wanted to demonstrate that he and ALL-STATE LEGAL are important business partners for the firm.”

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Bass Berry & Sims Creates Personalized Portfolio

Bass Berry & Sims PLC

Headquarters: Nashville, TN | Product Focus: Expansion Portfolio

In late 2009, Bass Berry & Sims PLC embarked on a complete identity change and rebranding project to coincide with the move of its headquarters to a new office location in downtown Nashville. A driving force behind the firm’s decision to relocate was its commitment to the environment – the new building location was on the cutting edge in terms of its “green” features.

Bass Berry challenged its graphic design agency to stay true to this environmental commitment in its design of the new identity and the individual specifications of printed items. One of the items that the firm was instantly attracted to was expandable portfolio due to its blend of practical functionality (e.g., the expansion and the flap with the Velcro fastener) and richness of design. When presented with a sample of the rich brown recycled paper stock, Bass Berry was sold on the concept.

The portfolio is just one component of a full suite of new branded print products that ASL produced for the firm. The full suite also includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note cards, and presentation folders that fit perfectly in the portfolio.

Want to see a sample of the Expansion Portfolio? Visit or to see a live sample, send your request to

Additional Services Provided:

Letterhead – Engraved
Business Cards – Printed
#10 Envelopes – Engraved
Mailing Labels – Printed
Mailing Envelopes – Engraved & Printed

Marketing Materials

Expansion Portfolio
Presentation Folders
Note Cards – 2 kinds – and Envelopes
Printed Report Covers


Printed Legal Pads

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QR Codes – It’s What’s Behind Them That Matters

Many of us have seen QR codes and recognize them as the hottest new trend in business development, but how many of us are really harnessing the power of mobile technology by using these funny looking boxes? Let’s start with the basics.

What are QR codes?

QR (quick response) codes, in their most basic form, are two dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by virtually any smartphone or tablet with the use of a free application and the device’s camera. Since QR codes can contain over 7,000 data points (as opposed to the 12 numerals stored in a one dimensional UPC barcode), the possibilities are seemingly endless.

QR codes act as the bridge between printed materials and online content. They can link readers to any content such as downloadable contact information, blogs, videos, calendar reminders or other unique online content.

Are law firms really interested in QR codes?

According to a 2011 Vizibility study of legal professionals from top firms, 79% of legal marketers already use QR codes or plan to start using them in 2012.

Law firms are attracted to QR codes because they empower firms to make better connections with potential clients and make their printed materials interactive.  By leveraging mobile technology, firms make it quick and easy to jump from printed pieces to online interaction with a firm.

According to Jonathan D. Frieden, a principal of Odin, Feldman, and Pittleman and an e-commerce and technology attorney, “QR Codes bridge a gap between how we exchange information and how we store it. Clients and prospective clients are looking for the fastest way to capture and store our contact information, without retaining unnecessary paper. By utilizing this technology, we’re helping them do that.”

What’s behind QR codes?

The single most important principle of using QR code technology is that it’s what is behind them that matters. The best implementers of the technology use the codes to link users to relevant and engaging content. They continually rely on this principle as a rudder for navigating through the entire process, from gaining buy in at the firm to positioning the codes to increase the likelihood of potential clients scanning them.

When planning, always consider these two points:

  1. The call to action – what should the scanner see, do, and learn about the firm or an individual attorney?
  2. The target audience – what do the firm’s target clients look like, where will they encounter the code, and how will they interact with the information presented to them?

The legal and professional services industries use mainly three types of QR codes.

Basic URL – links to one destination

This traditional QR code can be linked to one URL/website address. Typically, these have been linked to either the firm’s home page, to a bio page or contact page for that individual. Linking to a mobile optimized site is always advised, but not often accomplished in practice.

vCard – links to contact information

Typically seen on business cards, this traditional QR code allows the reader to download the individual’s contact information. The code must be kept to only the most pertinent information (name, firm, phone, email) to ensure optimal readability.

Vizibility – links to mobile business card

The most powerful QR code for professional services. This code is designed to fully leverage the capabilities of mobile technology, search engines and social media in one powerful Mobile Business Card.  Vizibility’s dynamic codes do the work of more than 3 traditional QR codes.  You can link to contact information, network through common social media connections, provide multiple links to websites such as blogs, videos, and LinkedIn, and ensure the reader finds your professionals online with verified Google results all optimized for viewing and interacting on smart phones.

Should I pay for QR codes?

There are a host of websites that tout the availability of free QR codes and how quick and painless it is for businesses to adopt the technology and incorporate it into their communication plans. As with most things that are “free” – BUYER BEWARE! Many law firms that have chosen to use these providers have been frustrated with the unreliability of the codes they’ve received. The biggest issue they have faced is the time, resources, and overall logistics required to create, proof, and organize a set of QR codes that is ready to be turned over to a printer.

Proper planning and a knowledgeable printer will make implementation of a QR code strategy much smoother, especially when the project involves administering codes and information for multiple attorneys.

Work with an expert

To harness the true power of QR codes, law firms should partner with a provider who simplifies the process, educates you on your options, has a protocol for reproducing quality codes and materials, and incorporates testing into several key phases of the creation and production process. Having a printer handle the project from the beginning has proven to be the most efficient and effective way to ensure that a firm’s QR codes will be created and printed correctly for maximum scanning.

By choosing to work with a knowledgeable printer, law firms will get the added benefit of having a resource to help with designs. For example, when a firm is deciding where to put a QR code on its business cards, it can either choose to tout the code on the front of the cards to bolster the firm’s image as “technologically advanced,” or it can choose to more subtly introduce the code on the back of the card. A seasoned printer can provide the pros and cons of each approach, both from a technical standpoint and as a partner that’s guided other law firms through this maze of questions and helped deliver the best tool to suit the firm’s objectives.

Tammy Mangan, Director of Marketing Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, had this to say when asked about her experience with QR codes, “I couldn’t see a downside to adopting QR codes, especially for a firm like ours. As an intellectual property firm, we understand and embrace technology and we want to be seen as tech forward. QR codes and Vizibility provides us with a perfect opportunity to do just that at a reasonable cost.  Once we decided on a design, the implementation of the QR codes and the printing of the business cards was the easy part.  Everything went smoothly.  ALL-STATE LEGAL did the heavy lifting by importing all of the information that was needed to print the business cards and create the Vizibility mobile business cards, which allowed me to focus on the ‘surprise’ rollout to our partnership.”

Getting started or just trying to make it easier?

Whether you are just starting to look into QR codes, you have a comprehensive QR code strategy in place, or you are somewhere in between, it’s important to remember that it’s what’s behind QR codes that matters. Keep your clients and prospective clients in mind. And when you are ready to evaluate the implementation process for QR codes, be sure to choose a proven partner that will offer ease of administration, ongoing resources, and industry knowledge. With an effective strategy and an experienced business partner, your firm can leverage the power of QR codes and bolster its business development efforts.

 If you have any questions about QR Codes, their uses or would like to see samples, call ALL-STATE LEGAL at 800.222.0510.

2011 Holiday Season

At this joyous time, we would like to pause to wish you and all your coworkers, family and friends a holiday season filled with joy. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and your firm this year.

Because of your continued loyalty, the ALL-STATE LEGAL family has been able to support multiple organizations and charities throughout the year.

If you have a few moments, please visit to hear about just a few of the organizations we support and the impact we have made this year.

Redweld® products are now exclusively owned and offered by ALL-STATE LEGAL


Redweld® products are now exclusively owned and offered by ALL-STATE LEGAL

October 3, 2011 – ALL-STATE LEGAL proudly announced that Redweld® products are now exclusively owned and offered by ALL-STATE LEGAL.

On September 21, New England Card and Index (NECI), who acquired the Kruysman/Redweld business in 2010, announced that direct customer relationships no longer fit within their core business of manufacturing and marketing through the dealer/reseller market. After an exhaustive vetting process, NECI entered an agreement with ALL-STATE LEGAL whereby ALL-STATE LEGAL took ownership of the Redweld brand, filing specialty products, and registered trademarks as well as the customer relationship and inventory plans.

Over the past 65 years, ALL-STATE LEGAL has worked hard to provide the legal, accounting and professional services industries with the highest quality products and service. ALL-STATE LEGAL has a proven track record of serving the filing needs of firms of all sizes – from solo practitioners to the largest global firms.

“With the addition of the Redweld product line to our already expansive selection, ALL-STATE LEGAL is now the premier provider of nationwide filing products. We are excited to offer Redweld customers our line of filing, mailing, and stationery products and are looking forward to offering our loyal customers the Redweld product line,” said Joseph Fuzak, Chief Operating Officer.

ALL-STATE LEGAL and Redweld customers will experience benefits such as nationwide warehousing and sales, highly competitive pricing, the largest selection of filing products and more.

Since Customer Service is ALL-STATE LEGAL’s number priority, they have hired two former NECI employees with over 20 years of filing industry experience. They have also created a transition team dedicated to answering questions, placing orders or quotes and helping new and loyal customers navigate website ordering.

 “As an employee-owned company, we take pride in our ability to serve our customers. Our transition team is well versed in the product line and each customer’s transaction history with NECI. We have staffed this team with individuals who have the knowledge and experience to attend to our new and loyal customers with top notch service,” says Susan Jacobs, Director of Marketing and Client Services at ALL-STATE LEGAL.

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