Balch & Bingham LLP Rebrands Their Firm


In 2011, Balch & Bingham LLP, a 245-attorney law firm headquartered in  Birmingham, Alabama, initiated a project to “rebrand” the firm by creating a new image and logo design, adjusting the primary colors used in the logo, and introducing new colors as well as several new printed items.

The firm’s core objectives in initiating the rebranding project were
First, they wanted to create an image and logo that would emphasize the “Balch” name, which they believed would resonate more powerfully in the geographic markets they served than the “B & B” that was the focal point of their existing image and design, which had been in use for most of the past decade.

Second, they wanted to create a more contemporary brand that conveyed modernity and sophistication, yet wouldn’t stray too far from the firm’s roots. To  help “refresh” the brand, the firm wanted to replace the traditional forest green color that was prevalent in the existing design with a brighter, more vibrant green shade and introduce some new colors to the brand as it was applied to various printed items.

Given the scope of the rebranding project, the firm decided to tackle it in several distinct phases. They initially engaged a design agency to develop options for the new brand and logo. Once they chose the new logo design, Doug Gardner, the ALL-STATE LEGAL sales representative, introduced the Balch & Bingham LLP marketing team to a graphic artist whom he had worked with on other projects to
help with color selection and layout options.

Once all the decisions regarding product specifications were finalized, the project moved quickly to the production phase. Rather than issue a new Request for Proposal to identify potential print vendors to produce the new product suite, the firm opted to remain with ASL and entrusted us with the entire project, due to their confidence in our ability to produce high quality work at market competitive prices.

As the project progressed, Doug served as the firm’s main point of contact with ASL, and acted as the conduit between our in-house graphic project management and production teams and the firm’s marketing and facilities teams. He drove each aspect of the project forward and ensured that the firm’s specifications were being fulfilled and that any concerns the firm had about any aspect of the project – e.g., production, budget, timing, etc. – were being addressed and satisfied. the outcome

Balch & Bingham LLP relied on ASL to produce all of the traditional stationery Balch Gallery Mainitems, as well as a host of other items such as mailing envelopes in various sizes and configurations, compliment cards with matching envelopes, several different types of branded labels, and two unique presentation folders. ASL produced all of the items with precise color consistency across numerous paper stocks and several different print processes, and delivered the finished products to the firm’s seven office locations on or ahead of the firm’s project deadline.

“Doug shared a lot of samples with us, including samples of materials that ALL-STATE LEGAL had produced for other firms, which gave us a good feel for trends in the legal market, and confidence that the contemporary, sophisticated, and modern look we chose was the right one for us. He also showed us a number of different paper samples that helped us in our decision-making around which colors, textures, and weights of paper would work best for us. We wanted to introduce new colors and new items during the rebrand and Doug helped us explore many new style possibilities.

We didn’t consider using a vendor other than ALL-STATE LEGAL
to handle our rebrand. Our marketing team had confidence and
a comfort level with ALL-STATE LEGAL, and our facilities team
endorsed them strongly, too.

“I would recommend ALL-STATE LEGAL for any law firm rebrand project. We were extremely pleased with the service level we received and the quality of the items that they produced. The process went as smoothly as any rebranding could go.”  Aimee S. Puckett, Director of Marketing

Want to see more, visit or contact your Account Manager for samples.

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