Winstead Relies on ASL

Over the past five years, ASL has worked with Winstead PC on several major projects that demonstrate precisely how ASL can be an essential full-service partner to the largest and most sophisticated law firms in the U.S. legal market. 

the why: Winstead has turned to ASL repeatedly because we have consistently delivered the highest level of day-to-day client service and project management that the firm demands to perform at peak efficiency. 

The Firm Rebrand: In 2007, the firm embarked on a complete rebranding project, including a new logo design and color scheme. The original design specifications of the new materials called for flat printing of the solid yellow box logo. When Russ Neeley, the ASL Account Manager, met with the firm’s marketing team and designers, the team explained they were having trouble getting the exact color they wanted and getting it to appear consistently on all the printed items.

Taking all of this into account, Russ provided an educational overview on color, paper and process along with press proofs and a detailed cost analysis for each option. Winstead appreciated the guidance and ultimately chose ASL as their engraver/printer. The finished products featured the added texture and dimension of engraving that could not have been achieved using flat printing, and the yellow color in the logo was rich and consistent on all of the printed pieces.

Office Openings & Relocations:  Since the rebrand, Winstead has relocated offices and opened others. In each instance, the firm relied on ASL to produce stationery for the offices and outfit them with all the necessary printed items and legal specialty filing items. Each time, we delivered the products on time and to the firm’s complete satisfaction.

Customized Billing & Collection Envelopes:  Recently, Winstead needed a specific type of envelope for mailing invoices and billing statements. The envelope had an inside tint and a unique window size and position. The firm was extremely concerned about preserving the confidentiality of the contents and took great pains to ensure the design made it virtually impossible for anyone to see under the envelope’s window.

After extensive research and testing, we were able to custom manufacture the exact envelope the firm required, imprinted with the firm’s logo and name. The firm continues to reorder the envelope from ASL today.

The Firm Holiday Card:  Late in the 2011 holiday planning season, Winstead selected a holiday card that was not in our standard line. Russ worked to find a source for the card, arranged the large volume order, and managed the entire project so the firm was able to get its cards imprinted and out to clients and business partners in time for the Holiday season.

Personalized Legal Pads:  Following its rebrand, the firm wanted to add its new logo to its legal pads. Imprinting the firm’s 2-color logo using a traditional process was not feasible. Rather than steer the firm toward a single color imprint, Russ presented an alternative solution to achieve the firm’s desired look. The firm immediately chose the alternative and ASL produced personalized legal pads.

Legal Specialty File Folders:  ASL currently provides Winstead with all of its expandable file folders, imprinted with the firm’s logo and name, as well as several unique, custom folders for specific practice areas.

in their words

“What we really value is that Russ understands the law firm culture. Projects happen at a very fast pace, and Russ is always flexible, understanding and completely supportive. He jumps in, even at the last minute. Russ keeps us informed about the latest products that might be a good fit for our firm. He’s not just trying to push the sale – he understands our business needs and finds ways to add value to the firm. His role is much more as an advisor than an account representative. We really feel like Russ is part of our team and not just a vendor.”  Rachel Guy, Marketing Communications Manager

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