Productive “Downtime”

The summer months can provide much needed “downtime” for law firms and their employees, but that downtime can quickly turn into wasted and unproductive time if you don’t have a plan in place to keep you on track.  

Here are 6 things you can do to turn your downtime into “uptime” that’s guaranteed to make an impact on your business in the Fall and Winter:

1.     Update your client contact lists

Maintaining your client database will help you prepare for your annual holiday card mailing, and will also enable you to fully utilize your firm’s contact list to plan your overall marketing communication touch strategy.  To fully tap into the power of the information you already have, be sure to include those clients that you haven’t worked with over the past 2 or 3 years.

 2.     Contact your client list

Meet with current clients, even if only for a half hour, to gather feedback on satisfaction, quality, work product, responsiveness, and your rates.  You should also contact clients whose work you did not earn to find out why and what you can do to win their business in the future.  Then carefully review this feedback and weave it into future communications and presentations when appropriate. 

 3.     Get referrals

When speaking with your clients, start asking for referrals.  Another great source of referrals is connecting with social networking.  If you haven’t already dabbled in Twitter or LinkedIn, start now.  These are great ways to keep in touch with clients, prospects, and referral sources.

 4.     Perform a supply audit

Performing a supply audit before the rush of September and end-of-year planning gives you the flexibility to make some measured assessments:

1. Do you have the right products for the processes you have in place?

2. Are your current processes the right ones for you?

3. Do you have enough inventory to keep you in stock for the rest of the year?

 5.     Get and stay organized

When all your ducks are in a row. . .files are found, time is saved, and harmony reigns. Finally get to that file pile. Get it off your desk and into the drawer, bookshelf, or wherever it belongs. Start fresh in September and stick to filing as you go so that it doesn’t pile up again.

6.     Smell the roses

It’s important to get refreshed for the Autumn rush that is bound to catch up to you. Read a book. Enjoy a day at the beach. Play outdoors with your kids. Exercise and eat right. Do what you enjoy and what makes you feel good and productive. Make sure you set aside time throughout the frantic end of the year to do these things as well. It’s important to remain focused, especially during the hectic last months of the year.

Need Help Getting Started? Once you’ve relaxed and you’re ready to turn downtime into “uptime,” call your ASL account manager at 800.222.0510 to find out how we can help you create more effective contact clients, make it easier to choose and send your holiday cards, and ease the burden of ordering supplies.

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