Holiday Cards – Important Recovery Vehicle

2010 has been and will continue to be a time of recovery in the legal market.  Our customers – nationwide law firms from single practitioners to global firms – have been moving forward with their communication plans in order to solidify their position, retain the loyal clients they have and gain new clients.

Your firm’s annual holiday card is a vital part of your communication plan.

Why send holiday cards?
Though the process of purchasing, signing and sending holiday cards can be daunting, especially at larger firms, it is an important part of building your business.

Throughout the economic crisis, the simple gesture of sending a greeting card has become much more important than before.  A personal holiday card signed by the person or team that the client works with can gain a great deal of good will with your clients – especially those that have continued to do business with you over the past couple of years.

Next Step
If you’ve ordered holiday cards from us in the past – Thank You!  We appreciate your business and are ready to get started working with you on your 2010 holiday card. 

If you have decided not to send holiday cards this year, not to purchase them from another source, or to put off making the decision, we urge you to reconsider.  Holiday cards are an opportunity to improve client retention and loyalty to your firm.  Now is the time to start planning what kind of card you will send, who you are going to send it to, and how you are going to coordinate the process.

Whether your firm is small or large, ASL has the right card for you.  Choose from a large selection of stock cards and a full custom design, production, and fulfillment service to satisfy all your holiday needs. With ASL you have the most options for customizing your card to your firm’s preferences…for FREE!  Don’t forget to order early for the best discount offers.
Call your ASL account manager today at 800.222.0510 or visit to find out more about how our selection and ordering process can help your firm.

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