Color Changes Everything

We offer our customers samples designed to show the various differences, both visually and tactility, of engraving, printing and thermography.  In order to show the difference the process makes, we keep all options uniform – paper, PMS color, text, line weights and artwork – but change the process.

From these samples, customers are usually shocked to find out that the samples do not match.  Due to absorption differences, the same PMS number inks can create a completely different shade or color when engraved, printed or thermographed.  It is also important to note that color variances may be apparent when printed on different color and finished stocks.

It is important to discuss with your printer your ultimate goal.  If it is most important for you to match all pieces produced in different processes on different substrates, you need to let your printer know in advance of placing your order.

ASL not only offers a full breadth of manufacturing processes and paper stocks, but also controls your color from piece to piece to ensure that the consistency of your brand is held in tact.

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