The Colorful Versatility of Offset Printing

Offset printing, or lithography, is the most widely available way to create a lasting impression on paper.  Combining professional appal with competitive pricing, this process gives your firm’s letterhead, logo and other images a look that is flush with the page.  And while it may not have the same tactile finesse as engraving, offset printing does deliver quality results with flexible and cost-effective production.

As the first step in traditional offset printing, a high-resolution image is used to make the printing plate for your project.  This plate is attached to a cylinder and kept moist so that ink only adheres to the image portions.  During the print run, ink from the plate is transferred or “offset” to a blanket cylinder, which then transfers the ink onto the paper, effectively printing your piece.

From the complexities of four-color processing to simple one-color production, ASL can handle your offset printing with the care and expertise you’d expect from a business with over seven decades of experience.

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