Tools of the Trade

Law firms make significant investments in the “tools of the trade” – products like file folders, legal pads, and paper.  Although you may not recognize it as readily, you also make a significant investment in the people you employ to order, reorder, maintain, and distribute those items.  Improving the efficiency of your personnel is the most effective way to reduce costs.
Your vendor should be a trusted advisor that applies years of experience to ensure that you are choosing the right products to increase your firm’s efficiency and lower costs.

Your product vendor should proactively review all aspects of your purchasing and ordering processes to uncover opportunities for you to achieve greater efficiency and significant cost savings. Some examples are… 

  • Consolidation of products for volume purchasing discounts
  • Improved procedure recommendations
  • Ordering efficiency, effective inventory management and reporting
  • Product alternatives that support your sustainability initiatives
  • Recommendations for alternative products or ordering options that can potentially save you in both product cost and time

Next Step
If you are already an ASL legal specialty, filing, and general office customer, reach out to your account manager to see if there are any other products that would provide you with increased efficiency…and thank you for your business. 

If you haven’t yet decided to use the single source advantage of ASL, just give us the opportunity! We guarantee that we’ll provide you some new and different ways to maximize your efficiency and lower your expenses. We’ll also ensure that your firm is using the right legal specialty products  and that you are ordering and managing them in the most efficient manner to help you take costs out of your firm’s business. 
Contact your ASL account manager today at 800.222.0510!

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