Spring Ahead

This weekend, we were forced to move our clocks ahead.  Though we get the daylight longer in the day, many of us feel like we lost an hour of our lives.  It got me thinking, what if I lost an hour of every single day?  How would my daily activities change?  Would I be more focused?  What would I focus on?  What would make the biggest impact?

In law firm management and marketing, the answers to these questions can be varied. 

Simply focusing on how you procure your items might actually save you time in the long run to focus on other activities.  Concentrating on your brand – where you display it, how consistent it is and what else you can do to make it more recognizable might be the key to your success. 

So ask yourself – What is on my list of “things to get to” that I haven’t devoted time to yet (or enough time)?  How can I spend just one hour a day or even a week working on it?  Will it make an impact? 

Now devote that hour and watch how things happen.  And don’t forget to call on your suppliers and partners for help – ALL-STATE LEGAL is here when you need us!

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