Monday Morning Quarterback

It’s always easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback…to review how your name change, logo conversion, etc. went and how you could have made it better.

But you shouldn’t have to play games.  You should be able to rely on your print vendor as a partner that will help you through your stationery and marketing material needs – whether it’s a conversion to new letterhead, business cards and other items, updates to keep in line with green initiatives or just reordering of your materials.

Your printer should become more than a provider, but also a trusted print advisor who can apply years of experience to ensure that the best of who you are is reflected in your firm’s printed materials.
While you focus on maintaining or creating a communication plan, your print provider should be able to aid you by assessing all of your firm’s printed materials and make recommendations for ways that your brand might be strengthened.

You should also expect your printer to review all of the following aspects of your materials: 

  • Color consistency across all of your firm’s materials, across all mediums
  • Brand consistency and market exposure
  • How your firm’s brand and printed materials stack up against those of other firms in your geography
  • Ordering efficiency, effective inventory management and reporting 
  • Whether your materials are compliant with your firm’s sustainability initiatives – you can go green and save green!
  • Recommendations for alternative products or ordering options that can potentially save you in both product cost and time

 The objective of the review is to provide you some new and different ways to maximize your efficiency and lower your expenses.  You, your designer (either in-house or agency contact), and your printer should meet annually to review the above and to discuss your firm’s objectives and satisfaction with the performance of your materials and your relationship.
Next Step
If you haven’t yet decided to use the single source advantage of ASL, just give us the opportunity! We guarantee that we’ll help you maximize your firm’s brand and marketing materials.  We’ll also ensure that your firm is using the right legal specialty products as well as make certain that you are ordering and managing them in the most efficient manner to help you take costs out of your firm’s business.
Contact your ASL account manager today at 800.222.0510!

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